Forget everything you thought you knew about country music- Sally-Anne has blurred the lines between 
country, rock and blues to create her very own signature sound. 
Her songs, smouldering vocal style and powerhouse band are a little reminiscent of the groove and soulful traditions of the deep south… New Orleans and Memphis.  She borrows perhaps a little inspiration from artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, and Sheryl Crow, but with an attitude that is all her own, and that is endearing her to both country and blues fans across the globe. 

This multi-award winning chanteuse is making people sit up and take notice of her sleek, no nonsense, funky style, honed to a fine art by years 
of touring and recording.  (See "About Sally-Anne" for a full biography and list of achievements) 

With her highly respected and much sought after band The Rumour Mill, she has found the perfect match of musicians to perfectly compliment her songs- sophisticated, classy and cool. 
Her songs are passionate, honest and beautifully crafted-with just a hint of the ascerbic wit she is known 
for-and what you hear on her albums is what you get live- no compromise. 

It's rare to find - World class vocals, killer musicianship, great live performances, incredible band and real A grade songwriting all in one package. 
 Sally-Anne delivers the whole experience. Her shows are big, bold, and fun.

Her last eagerly awaited album "Burgundy Street” was testament to her talent as a top class songwriter and musician to put together an album of beautifully written songs that showcase her and her band to the best of their abilities. It’s an album of songs reflecting her loves, losses, and lessons... wrapped in rock solid grooves. She wanted to make an album of songs that meant something to her, and that she could and would replicate live, and this is exactly what she’s done.



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